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Kamri did an amazing job.

She is super personable. She treats you like family and goes above and beyond to match and make sure your needs are met. As most and or some realtors they tend to leave you feel left out and or forgotten and she did just the opposite. She made sure to answer and or ask any questions to make sure my needs were met and or if she needed to do more research to fulfill my needs. I had such a good time dealing and associating with Kamri. I hope she blossoms in this business. She deserves it!

Caitlin Chaffman

Kamri is such a pleasant person to work with.

She was constantly taking on extra tasks to help the process move smoothly. She did everything from the beginning to the end of the transaction without an excuse. I therefore highly recommend her to anyone that wants a professional, hard-working person in their corner!

Bill Siegel

Kamri was such a huge help and great communicator.

We were kept abreast on every viewing and development and offered assistance beyond her normal duties. We are so happy that we choose NextHome Dynamics, but even more so that Kamri was our agent. She was accessible, professional and truly cared for our needs. She was very helpful and provided answers to all our questions. Thanks to Kamri, we were able to sell our family home.

Vickie Kolakowski

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